Remembering the Cape Town Military Tattoo 2008

From 20 to 22 November 2008, the Cape Town Military Tattoo was staged at the Castle of Good Hope in central Cape Town, as in previous years.

I have been sorting through the photos I took from the spectators’ stands that year, and thought it would be nice to put them up on the blog. I found it really challenging to get good photos, though, so many of them turned out blurry – low light, fast-paced action on the arena, a fairly slow focusing camera, and my own ignorance with using more manual settings on my Canon S3 IS meant I wasn’t getting the shots I so desperately wanted.

In the end, as in the previous year, I took some video clips instead, and managed to extract some reasonably good frames from those. So yes, I know they ain’t superb quality or high resolution, but I do hope that they will at least convey some of the excitement of the evening!

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