CTMT 2015: Photo shoots for the programme booklet (Part 4)

As the Opening Night of the Cape Town Military Tattoo 2015, Wednesday the 11th of November, happened to coincide with Remembrance Day – or Armistice Day, and as red poppies are traditionally associated with this day, we wanted to include the Legend of the Red Poppies in the programme booklet. And I thought it would be nice to incorporate some photos of real – or paper – poppies.

The Red Poppies

During a morning walk to the nearby shops to buy some bread and milk, I walked through the adjacent Garden of Remembrance – and noticed, to my great delight, that the red poppies had just started blooming in one of the flower beds. What a remarkable coincidence!

The next afternoon, I grabbed my camera and headed off to the Garden once more. I had to wait a bit for the sun to move in the sky, as the surrounding trees were casting dark shadows on the flowers. Eventually, when the sun was giving just the gentlest of backlights, I snapped some images.

Gently backlit

Gently backlit

A week or so later, hubby rushed home excitedly – “Get your camera, I’ve found some more poppies!” We headed down the road – and found a little cluster of flowering poppies in the middle of a small traffic island, just off the main thoroughfare. It is amazing how these resilient flowers – whose petals always look so fragile that they can be damaged by the slightest breeze – manage to survive in the midst of all this traffic.

I also found a couple of red paper poppies, which I had been collecting over the years. These were always handed out at each of the November Remembrance Day parades, and I’d kept them as a memento. So I took some artistic close-ups.

And then Elsette from the Reserve Force office at the Castle lent me an entire box to play with – so I did! I found a cute little woven basket in the cupboard, and took them outside onto the grass, where the sun was shining. It was fun!

And we ended up using three of the pictures, which was great! I’ll upload the programme for you – see if you can find the three images we used, and let me know in the comments below. 🙂


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