The Dress Rehearsals for the SA Tattoo 2018

Yesterday (Thursday) was another long day for the cast and crew of the SA Tattoo 2018. Many of the performers, bands and dancers had spent the last days rehearsing outside the arena as well as inside, trying to make sure that everyone knew their positions at various critical points in their routines. The Highland Dancers and the Irish Dancers, as well as the Drum Majorettes, all have really fast-paced and complex routines, and as always I was blown away by their passion and energy, and their ability to remember all those complicated steps!

Last night we had two dress rehearsals – it was the first time that we ran through the entire programme from start to finish, including all the exits and entrances. Andy Dippenaar, the narrator, used the opportunity to rehearse his script, and the lighting and sound crew, as well as the wranglers who had to push wheeled platforms out of the way, were kept on their toes.

At the end of the final run-through, around 23h00 at night, Rory thanked everyone for their hard work and declared, “We have a Tattoo!” Indeed we do!

I wish I had time to write more, but unfortunately, this will have to be it. Here are some photos of last night – I hope you enjoy them. I realise that some of them are a bit skew and many of them are underexposed (lighting crew – I need more light, please!), but I don’t have access to my usual software, so I couldn’t do much post-processing… If I find time in the next week or so, I will add captions to the images, but for now – the photos will have to speak for themselves!

P.S. As always, remember that you can click on the images to access the slideshow and see the larger versions.

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