Programme Booklets through the Years

For all the loyal fans and supporters of the Cape Town Military Tattoo, I have compiled a list of all the programme booklets through the years, from 2003 to 2015.

You can download a scanned PDF of each of them by clicking on the relevant image.

I hope you will enjoy leafing through them and that it will bring back some very happy memories of past events!

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CTMT 2015: Video no. 4

In the run-up to the Cape Town Military Tattoo 2015, the Expresso morning show on SABC TV interwiewed our Production Manager WO2 Charles Canning, the Director of Music of the Tattoo Captain Vernon Michels, Major Asim Hussain, the Instructor of Music of the Pakistan Army Band, and Major Dalene Coetzee, who is responsible for coordinating Photographic & Technical/Graphic Services.

The video is finally available online – here it is!

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CTMT 2015: Video no. 3

If you’ve ever wondered what is happening outside the Castle of Good Hope, while the massed military bands inside the arena are playing the 1812 Overture at the Cape Town Military Tattoo – this video taken by fellow photie Brent Best will give you some insight into the complicated process of ensuring that the Cape Field Artillery Saluting Troop fires their 25-pounder guns at precisely the right moment.

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CTMT 2015: Additional photos for the Final Night

On Saturday morning, while I was writing the blogpost about that evening’s final performance (see CTMT 2015: The Final Night), I was frantically trying to upload photos at the same time.

But multi-tasking like that doesn’t work so well in WordPress, and in fact it took so long that I thought my computer had hung. It probably doesn’t help that my blog is at over 80% upload capacity, because I’ve added so many photos in the last years. I was literally standing and typing, because I needed to drive through to the Castle now-now-now, and so there wasn’t enough time to include all the photos I wanted.

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CTMT 2015: The final night

Tonight is the final performance of this year’s Cape Town Military Tattoo, and I can already sense the familiar feeling of melancholy starting to seep in, between all the adrenaline rush and thrill of the performances and of being part of the whole Tattoo Experience.

After tonight, alas, we will go our separate ways again – visiting musicians and performers will fly and drive back home, some to very far distant places, 3 Electrical Workshop will take down the lights and sound equipment, and Gearhouse will dismantle the scaffolding, flooring and seating stands. By Monday morning, the groundcrew will be watering and aerating the lawn, which has been flattened by the stands. The big guns of the Cape Field Artillery Saluting Troop outside the main gates will have withdrawn to Fort Ikapa for the last time… until next year.

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CTMT 2015: Opening night

After an absolutely rocking Opening Night at the Cape Town Military Tattoo 2015, I realised that I must have been beaming from ear to ear all the way home, humming the tunes of Band of Brothers, Highland Cathedral and The Prayer out loud. I felt like I was floating on a cloud!

I had missed the Dress Rehearsal on Tuesday night due to a pounding headache, much to my chagrin, as it’s the only time photographers can get close to and into the middle of the action. As a result, I had no idea what to expect on the Opening Night, because I hadn’t seen a full run-through of the entire show yet. Continue reading