Roll Call: 1st Battalion Transvaal Scottish

Programme Notes: CTMT 2004

“The Transvaal Scottish, whose pipe band is participating in this year’s Tattoo, was raised in Johannesburg in 1902 and since then has rendered valuable service in all of South Africa’s wars and emergencies. Two battalions served in the South West Africa Campaign in 1915, and they then joined with the Cape Town Highlanders in a composite battalion called the “South African Scottish”, which fought in the Sanusi War in 1916 before going on to gain great renown in the fighting in France.

During World War II, the Transvaal Scottish was one of the first regiments involved in the Abyssianian Campaign and then went on to fight in the Western Desert; by the end of the war it had three battalions on active duty, one of which eventually became an artillery regiment. After World War II, it was actively engaged in subsequent campaigns, and expedited the arrival of the new South Africa by fielding a large number of volunteers for election security in 1994. Its regimental distinction is a red hackle worn on the tammie, derived from its old alliance with the Black Watch (The Royal Highland Regiment).” (CTMT 2004)