Roll Call: Ashwin Willemse Orient Marching Band


In the Programme Notes of the CTMT 2008, they were referred to as the Western Cape Marching Band, not the Ashwin Willemse Orient Marching Band.


Programme Notes: CTMT 2008

“The Ashwin Willemse Orient Marching Band is the public face of the Western Cape Marching Band Association, which was founded as a youth organisation in the suburb of Manenberg eight years ago, and one of its aims is to introduce troubled children to the finer joys of life.

Since then its youthful musicians have made an international name for themselves. It has performed all over South Africa, ranging as far afield as Durban, Calvinia and Oudtshoorn, and in 2007 won a bronze medal at the World Marching Band Competition in Malaysia. In June 2009, the band – which has 115 members of whom between 70 and 80 will be performing in this year’s tattoo – will represent South Africa against 54 other countries in The Netherlands. The CEO/President is Mr Fadiel Gasant.” (CTMT 2008)