Roll Call: Celtic Dance Tapestry


In 2007 and 2008, they were listed as the Alexander School of Dance. In 2010 and 2012, their name changed to the Celtic Dance Tapestry.


Programme Notes: CTMT 2007

16-alexander-school-of-dance-2“The Alexander School of Dance has been run since 2001 by Hayley Johnston and Taryn lpenburg. It has produced championship-level Highland and Irish dancers. Some of its dancers performing tonight represented South Africa at the Edinburgh Tattoos of 2OO2, 2006 and 2007, while others arc waiting to hear whether they will be selected as part of the South African team to perform at the 2008 Basel Tattoo in Switzerland. Both of the items they are performing were choreographed by Hayley Johnston, a former South African Highland dancing champion. One item, the sword dance, was performed at last year’s Edinburgh Military Tattoo.” (CTMT 2007)


Programme Notes: CTMT 2008

video-15-alexander-school-of-dance-4“The Alexander School of Dance was founded by Trevor Hicks and has been run since 2001 by Hayley Johnston and Taryn Behr. The school teaches both Highland and Irish dancing, with championship-level dancers in both disciplines, and has an enviable track record. Some of the dancers performing in the 2008 Tattoo have represented South Africa at the Edinburgh Military Tattoos of 2OO2, 2006 and 2007, as well as the 2008 Basel Tattoo in Switzerland. The school prides itself on its choreography and skills – its dancers are taught everything from Highland and Irish dancing to the ancient hornpipe, a dance with which seamen amused themselves in the ancient days of sail.” (CTMT 2008)


Programme Notes: CTMT 2010

“Formerly known as the Alexander School of Dance, the Celtic Dance Tapestry is a school of Scottish Highland and Irish dancing based in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, run by Hayley Johnston and Táryn Harkness.

In recent years, dancers from the Celtic Dance Tapestry have performed at:

  • 2002 Edinburgh Military Tattoo
  • 2006 Edinburgh Military Tattoo
  • 2007 Edinburgh Military Tattoo
  • 2008 Basel Military Tattoo (Switzerland)
  • 2009 Jinhae International Military & Honour Guard Festival (South Korea)
  • 2009 Netherlands Military Tattoo (Rotterdam)
  • 2010 Norway Military Tattoo (Oslo)

Aside from their international performances, these dancers participate regularly in local and international competitions. They were part of the Western Cape team, which at the second consecutive event, beat teams from the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng to win the 2010 Interprovincial Challenge in August this year.

They are no strangers to the Cape Town Military Tattoo, having performed here many times, most recently in 2007 and 2008.” (CTMT 2010)


Programme Notes: CTMT 2012

“Celtic Dance Tapestry is a school of Celtic dance based in the Southern Suburbs, which specialises in teaching traditional Scottish and Irish step dancing to dancers of all ages, and tonight they are joined by some dancers from Claddagh Studio, also based in Bergvliet.

Highland Dancers from Celtic Dance Tapestry have performed in military tattoos in Korea (2009), Switzerland (2008), and of course Edinburgh (200, 2006 and 2007).

Tonight’s two contemporary Irish items were choreographed by Taryn Harkness, who heads up the Irish branch of Celtic Dance Tapestry and demonstrate both the ethereal magic of Irish soft shoe dancing as well as the rhythmic strength in Irish hard shoe dancing.

The first foot-tapping track combines Celtic Dance Tapestry’s love of Scottish as well as Irish heritage, performed by the pipe band of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, and the second is borrowed from the well-known and internationally loved Lord of the Dance.” (CTMT 2012)