Roll Call: Chris Hani School Choir and Dancers

Programme Notes: CTMT 2015

“Chris Hani Secondary School, situated in Khayelitsha, specialises in dance, arts and culture. The Chris Hani School Choir is at the heart of the school’s arts and cultural activities. Its performances combine choral music, dance and choreography, drama and poetry, backed by musical instrumentation. The choir has performed at some of the country’s most prestigious events, such as the Opening of Parliament in Cape Town. It also participated in the National Schools Choir Competitions (SASCE) and the High School Jam Festival (2013). In 2013, 2014 and 2015, the Choir won the Western Cape Provincial (SASCE) Championships. On the international stage, the choir was given an honorary invitation to perform at the International Conference for UNiGlobal Unions at the Cape Town International Convention Centre in 2014.

The choir continues to collaborate with many organisations and the community, both in music performance and music education. It also participates in the Cape Town Carnival and performs at events organised by the South African National Defence Force.” (CTMT 2015)