Roll Call: Limited Edition Drum Corps

Programme Notes: CTMT 2010

“The Limited Edition Drum Corps originated from the Nurul Mubeen Children Brigade that was established in 1988. The drummers are from Manenberg and participated in a number of competitions locally. The youngest drummer, affectionately known as Smiley, 15 years of age, is also a drummer in the Cape Town Highlanders Drums and Pipes and together with some of the other members recently participated in the Basel Tattoo, Switzerland.

The drummers are all volunteers and rehearse in their own time after school 2 or 3 times a week. Some of their most recent performances were done at the Cape Town Fashion Show at the CTICC, they performed with Prime Circle, SA rock band at Kirstenbosch and during the FIFA World Cup performed at the Fan Parks and Fan Walks, and came third in ‘South Africa’s Got Talent’.” (CTMT 2010)