Roll Call: Pakistan Army Band

Programme Notes: CTMT 2015

“Although the history of the Pakistan Army Band goes as far back as the independence of Pakistan in 1947, it was formally created in 1956. The band consists of the best musicians  selected from the Pakistan Armed Forces bands, based on their performance. The band  performs at all state and military functions, as well as during visits by heads of states and parades.

Most of the bandsmen have performed abroad at the following events: the 60th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China (2001), an orientation visit to Sri Lanka Music School (2004), the Berlin Music Festival in Germany (2005), the Military Tattoo in conjunction with the birthday celebrations of the Sultan of Brunei (2006), the Kuala Lumpur International Tattoo, held in connection with the 50th Independence Day celebrations of Malaysia (2007), the International Military Music Festival in Libya (2009), the Military Bands Peace Festival in Turkey (2010), the Russian International Festival of Military Music (2011), the celebrations of National Day of the United Arab Emirates (2014) and, most recently, the International Military Music Festival in Russia (2015).

Their repertoire includes national anthems, classical music, national folk melodies and songs. The head of the delegation is Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Iqbal Khan. An excellent musician, he has been with the band of the Armed Forces at various events both domestically and abroad for many years. He coordinates the participation of the band in national and international ceremonies at the highest level.

Subedar Major Ghulam Ali, Conductor of the Band, has extensive experience as conductor. He has been part of the Brass Band for eight years, and associated with the Pakistan Army Band for the last 24 years. He has travelled extensively to perform at international events, which include China, Brunei Dar-u-Salam, Malaysia, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and Dubai.” (CTMT 2015)