Roll Call: Project 021

Programme Notes: CTMT 2014

“Project 021, registered as an NPO on 7 February 2013, was established to develop and promote Creative Arts in public schools and under-privileged communities. We understand the importance of developing learners’ creative abilities, and therefore we create opportunities to unearth, develop and showcase their talents. Although the organization, as a formal entity, is relatively new, individuals in the organization have been actively involved in doing the work for a number of years, in their personal capacity.

We believe that every individual is destined for a specific positive direction with the intent to effect long-lasting change, and to reach the heights to which their dreams draw them. To this end we create opportunities for individuals to showcase their talents at the events we host. Through our various events (Inter-School Dance Competitions, Theatre Productions, Creative Arts Workshops) we use the method of Creative Arts to teach young people invaluable life lessons to help them overcome everyday challenges, as well as an awareness of the unique gifts and talents they possess. We currently work with more than 300 primary and high school learners weekly.” (CTMT 2014)