CTMT 2008: Running Order

Blog Post about the CTMT 2008:


Number Act Participants/Performers
1 Tattoo Prelude Habibia Siddique Muslim Pipe Band, Military Heritage Group
2 Beating of Retreat SA Army Band Cape Town, Military Heritage Group
3 Closing of the Castle Castle Ceremonial Guard
4 Salutes & Fanfares SA Muzzle Loaders’ Association, Cannon Association of South Africa, SA Army Band Cape Town – Trumpeters
5 The First Muster SA Army Band Cape Town, SA Army Band Kroonstad, SA Army Band Limpopo, Cape Town Highlanders Drums & Pipes, Cape Field Artillery Pipes & Drums, SA Irish Regiment Pipes & Drums
6 Machine-Gun Marathon Cape Town Rifles (Dukes), Cape Town Highlanders, Regiment Westelike Provincie, Cape Town Highlanders Drum Corps
7 All That Glitters The Western Cape Marching Band (Ashwin Willemse Orient Marching Band)
8 Flag Talk SAS Simonsberg Signals School
9 Pipes from Near and Far Massed Pipe Bands, Alexander School of Dance
10 Knights and Maidens Riding Centre Hout Bay
11 Shamrocks by the Sea Alexander School of Dance
12 Clear the Way! Military Heritage Group, Cape Garrison Artillery
13 March to Glory Massed Military Bands
14 1812 Overture Cape Field Artillery Saluting Troop, Massed Military Bands
15 Final Muster March-on of all participants, March-on of military veterans, March-on of regimental flag bearers, “Nightfall in Camp”, “Auld Lang Syne”, National Anthem, Lone Piper – “Lights Out”
16 March-Off “The Black Bear”